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Amanda is based in Maidstone, a mother to two teenagers and a wife. Upon leaving school she became an Accountant but after deciding that within her career she wasn’t for-filing her own personal mission she decided to do some voluntary work with children in foster care. After a short time she soon realised her path was helping others. So felt the first natural step was to sign up for a counselling course.

Upon completion of CPCAB level 2 in Counselling Skills she saw how she could make a difference to people’s lives and felt the next step was to become a life coach. Being a life coach hypnotherapy goes hand in hand adding another technique to the strategies that she uses. So decided to complete a hypnotherapy course with The Kent College of Hypnotherapy . Her skills are vast across the board holistically, as she has also trained as a Reiki Healer many years ago completing Seichem 1 (first degree) and more recently 1 and 2nd level in Usui Reiki.

All of these key skills help Amanda be an excellent therapist by being able to help people from all walks of life in lots of different areas. No one treatment is the same for each person. So having a broad range of skills to call upon help her give the best therapy for each individual.

Andrea is a qualified Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist having trained with KICH at Medway College,and is a retired Health Visitor. Andrea covers Medway and the surrounding areas, and runs 3Skills workshops in hypnobirthing and her key skills area is working with children and families and the issues which affect their lives. Running relaxation workshops for those wishing to have a break from the daily stresses. She is very enthusiastic to help those wishing to reach their full potential in life but feel they are held back by limiting self-belief, low self-esteem, anxieties, phobias, and stress. Being an excellent non-judgmental listener and often this is the key to everything, someone to empathise, value how you feel, and allow you to find your own path towards emotional wellness.

Amanda and Andrea’s personal focus is to help others achieve the best version of themselves they can be.

Andrea and Amanda

Andrea and Amanda are associated by family. They are a mother and daughter in law who share the same passion…to help others!

After meeting they soon realised that they both wanted the same goals out of life. The same ethos and dream. Both being positive and naturally helpful this career path together seemed the most natural thing to do. Amanda had done a counselling course and was about to move into Life Coaching and Andrea had just completed a hypnotherapy course. So they both decided to cross train across each other’s courses and start a business together.

Andrea covers the Medway area and Amanda covers Maidstone. However, both parties are happy to travel further afield if the need is required.